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Future Planning

The Time is Now

Don’t wait to take advantage of the changes happening in the space. In a market where demand is much greater than supply (meaning there are more buyers of practices than sellers), if you’re looking to make a transition in the next 2-5 years, the time to come up with a plan is now. Set up a free consultation with our team of professionals to explore how you can capitalize on the current state of the dental industry.

Looking to ramp-up production quickly, up to a year before and during the transition process? We’ve got you covered.

DSO Sales

It’s no secret that the dental industry is changing and there is a type of buyer offering up to 3x what you would see in a typical dentist to dentist sale. Selling to a DSO may sound overwhelming, but with the right team of experienced professionals, you will feel comfortable every step of the way. Our DSO sales team is knowledgeable of the common benefits and mistakes of working with traditional brokers while transacting with a DSO. You may have been contacted directly by DSO buyers; if so, do not go at it alone. Wingspan will maximize the value of your practice and ensure you have the most favorable deal structure during negotiations.

Have you thought about leveraging your practice as an investment vehicle? To learn more about how to maximize equity in your practice, click here.

Wingspan is constantly expanding its relationships with private equity firms and DSOs on the local, regional, and national level. Our sellers benefit from these relationships by being paired with groups that meet their exact needs. This accelerates the transition process and gives you the freedom to choose which partner works best for you. There are options to maximize value, regardless if you are looking to sell now, work for 2-5 years, or sell some equity in your practice while continuing to work indefinitely.

Are you a good DSO candidate? Schedule a free consultation where our team will go over your objectives and practice details to assess the DSO fit. We will answer any questions you have and help you come up with a game plan.

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