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Why Wingspan?

As a Dental transition company, we pride ourselves as the most efficient firm providing dental practice brokerage services. Partnering with local experts provides dentists with a better way to transition. Our unique approach to brokerage ensures that doctors maximize the value of their practice and achieve their transition goals in a timely manner. Our white glove service and team of industry experts in every market will work for you around the clock. We make Dental transitions easy.


Combined experience of 60+ years in the industry.


Our team will work for you around the clock.


Hassle-free, quick transactions is what we do.


Sharmyn Long Olivares

Sharmyn Long Olivares

Transition Consultant

Sharmyn Long Olivares, RDH, BS, began her career in dentistry as an RDA at 15, became an RDH by 19, and for 30+ years she has served the dental industry as consultant and transitions facilitator. In 1991, Sharmyn earned a degree from TWU in Dental Hygiene/Business Marketing and Management. Sharmyn spent 10 years employed by Pinnacle Practices, Inc. a large Dallas, TX based consulting firm, she left that position to start her own coaching/consulting firm, Best Dental Coach, LLC which she ran successfully for 22 years. She has owned dental practices and partnered with numerous dentists throughout Texas.

She has had a positive impact on the careers and profitability of thousands of dentists. Sharmyn believes that all business transitions should be transparent and handled with complete honesty and integrity. She is committed to helping dentists navigate the DSO and private buyer market to decide on the best transition plan for them.

Abby Leah Newhouse

Assistant Practice Transitions Consultant

Abby Leah Newhouse started her career in dentistry in 2008 and spent several years advancing through various roles, including coordinating hygiene, increasing treatment acceptance, public relations, marketing, and practice management. Having earned a Bachelor of Science in Communications from SHSU, coupled with her management, marketing, and public relations background, she serves as the Communications Director for Wingspan Transitions. She coordinates administrative tasks, oversees digital and print content, and executes advertising strategies while continuously building connections to maintain a strong presence for Wingspan Transitions within the dental community.


Jeramy Smith

Dental CPA

With over 25 years as a Texas Certified Public Accountant, Jeramy Smith has brought tax savings and optimized financial strategies to hundreds of small business clients throughout Texas.

His boutique CPA firm focuses on serving successful Texas-based dental practices. That narrow market focus and research-driven approach allow his team to offer in-depth knowledge and reveal little-known strategies tailored to specific situations.

His firm helps ensure your business is not just getting by but surpassing your business and personal financial goals. They achieve this by combining a focus on your monthly financial numbers and using tax planning strategies to help you keep more of what you earn.

Contact Jeramy Smith at 

Boyd Shepherd

Dental Attorney 

For 27 years, Boyd Shepherd D.D.S., J.D., has developed a specialized practice of providing legal services and counsel to Texas dentists on a wide range of legal issues.

  • 1985 Graduate Texas A&M University
  • 1988 Graduate UT Dental Branch Houston
  • 1992 Graduate South Texas College of Law
  • ADA, TDA, & GHDS Member

Dr. Shepherd has vast experience in Texas State Board representation at each and every level of the process. His law practice includes day-to-day counsel and guidance to dentists across the state of Texas on issues related to their business operations, Board Rule compliance, risk management, employees, patients, and a variety of matters in litigation.

Alex Wishnick

Alex Wishnick

Marketing Director/Associate Broker

Midwest Dental

Midwest Dental is now partnering with Wingspan Transitions to help our customers find the best solutions for their changing needs.

At Midwest Dental Equipment & Supply, our goal is to provide customers with the best products and services the dental market has to offer. And we have remained true to that goal since the company was founded in 1988.

quick and hassle free transitions

Keith Marshall


local buyers

George Williams


traditional brokerage

Julia Castillo

Client Service


Margaret Shaw, DDS

Ovilla Family Dentistry

“Sharmyn came along at the perfect time in my dental career and helped me take my practice to the next level. We bought the building that my practice is in and ramped it up with Sharmyn’s help! We are a fee-for-service practice so she showed us how to maximize that model without having to sign up for any insurance plans. There is no way my practice would be what it is today without Sharmyn. I am very grateful for all of her help!”

Jonathan C Clemetson, DDS P.A.

Personalized Dentistry

I was introduced to Sharmyn by referral (one of the best and most complementary ways i think to find resources). I was very pleased with the pleasant and upbeat approach of the company. When they came to my practice I finally knew what it is was like to relax and watch the (overdue and well needed) systems they put in place take my practice in a direction that I have always wanted it to go.

“I would recommend Sharmyn to anyone especially if they have never run a business before – it will help you to sleep better at night – it did for me.

Schubert Sapian, DDS

Essential Dental Care

“When I started a practice from scratch there were so many problems to fix. I’m so glad that Sharmyn and her team were there to help. They are professionals and are experts at what they do. They are very thorough and won’t stop until they produce good results. I trust them and highly recommend them to anyone!”  

Bryan Carmichael, DDS

Watauga Dental Center

“I’ve been a dentist for 11 years now, and have worked at over 40 offices before settling on one and becoming an owner. During that time period, I’ve come across some extremely successful offices and saw how they operated.”

“Since then, I’ve stumbled upon Sharmyn with Wingspan Transitions and have worked with her for 2.5 years as an associate, as well as an owner.  I must say, the same principles and operations she has implemented for the practice I purchased are the same principles and operations I’ve seen in place at every single one of the extremely successful offices I have come across. In fact, in the 2.5 years that we’ve worked together, I don’t think we’ve ever disagreed on the right approach forward. We have more than doubled the production numbers for the practice I purchased, with her guidance. She comes HIGHLY recommended!”

Lorena P. Scott, DDS

Toyota Family Health Center

“Sharmyn is reliable and result oriented. She came into my life as a consultant many years ago and remains in my life as a good friend. I highly recommend her.

Jeff Jenkins, DDS

Smiles of Fort Worth

“I cannot say enough about how much Sharmyn has helped me over the years. She started as a coach for myself and my staff. After I decided to make a career change, I mentioned to Sharmyn that I needed to sell my 2 offices and she found the buyers in about 4 weeks.  Sharmyn was there every step of the way to facilitate the process and get the closing done as soon as possible. She even stayed on as a consultant for the new owners to help with the transition for the staff.  Sharmyn was incredible through the whole process.”  

John McNeff, DDS

Watauga Dental Center

In 2009, my practice was dependent on HMO/DMO insurance companies. Sharmyns management of the change to a fee for service practice made the transition seamless. Her knowledge of how dental offices operate and function made it possible to expand the business to the point of needing an associate dentist.

 “When I wanted to retire, I asked Sharmyn if she knew anyone who could help. Sharmyn responded, Of course, I do transitions also. Her knowledge and experience allowed for an easier turnover of the associate dentist to a potential buyer. Then she guided the team to expand the business in the direction needed for the new owner. When the banks stretched the eventual sale date several months past my formal retirement, Sharmyn managed my interests in my absence. I would highly recommend Sharmyn Long Olivares.

Kendall Bardin, DDS

Elite Mobile Dental

“Sharmyn is a great coach and can come alongside and improve processes you didn’t even know were possible”

Kathy Frazar, DDS

The Houston Dentists

“I have known Sharmyn for years! She is an amazing dental coach.”

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